Big Push 2011, with Converse UK

A selection of photos from this years Big Push:

A bunch of these were already on the Sidewalk Big Push blog (apologies if you've seen them before), and a load of them ran in print in Sidewalk mag, it just felt like they should live together in this post. You can see the team's edit here.

Pushing It

Yann Horowitz, Ollie, Sheafside, Sheffield
From Big Push 2011, more soon...


Three in Mono

Nick Jensen, Backside Tailslide.

Michal Juras, Ollie into ramp.
Tom Day, Boardslide to Fakie over the bar.



Smithy and Mackey, Barcelona, 2011.


Road Life

Eddie Belvedere and Tuuka Korhonen, both 2005.