Last week I escaped our wonderful isle to visit the Roadburn festival in Tilburg, Holland.
Met up with this lot...
Shoe shop in Tilburg.
Amsterdam; lock it or lose it!

More from this trip in in Plus1 soon.


William, It Was Really Nothing

Will Brown, Nosegrind pop out.
Will Harmon, Frontside crook.



I don't jump holes

Not only is Keegan Sauder one of the nicest people you're ever likely to meet, he rips too! Frontside air out of a massive crater, Prissick 2007.


No, not that one

A new edition of Sidewalk mag came back from the printers today, I guess that means it'll be slowly filtering out across the UK over the next few days. This issue contains an interview I shot with London ripper, Tom Knox, plus a load of other stuff... go get!


Some things I have recently seen

Blank Tape Spillage Fete at Cecil Sharp House.
I'm not sure what's in this one, but I really liked one called The Matinee Orchestra'.
Kid Acne show at Stella Dore.
The ouija boards are cool!
Bavarian Beer House; it's going on holiday, but in London. Oh, it stinks too.
Scholes and Hoppy; album out soon.


Plus 1 #11

Apoligies for the lack of updates, moving house has left me internet free for a short while, which is both frustrating and liberating in equal measures.
Anyway, the new issue of Plus 1 should be hitting the streets about now, The cover features the actor Jeff Stewart who is well known for playing Reg in 'The Bill'.
If you can't be bothered to go and find a copy a free download is available here.
In this issue I shot features for both Emmy the Great,
and Mike Bones,
amongst a load of other bits and bobs too, enjoy!