That Summer Feeling

Last night I went to see Jonathan Richman play in Hoxton, it was really good, as expected.
We hung around for a bit afterwards, when we eventually left we found Jonathan on the street outside playing for fans.
We tried to get Jonathan to come and see the Alan Weekes Quartet with us, but he was having none of it.
The AWQ were amazing, as usual. Here's Brian Edwards playing saxophone. Unfortunately The Haggerston seems to increasingly frequented by guys with moustaches who insist on talking over the band; SHUT THE FUCK UP!


Screaming Hand

A while back I was lucky enough to get to see the excellent Jay Reatard play a short gig in the warehouse of their record company. Some photos went to Plus1, but here is an outtake for your viewing pleasure!


Louie Barletta, Frontside Blunt, 2006 (click for bigger).



The dreamers of dreams.

A lot of interesting stuff has ended up on the walls of Slam, but I think this has probably been there the longest, and is probably my favourite. A young Toby Shuall sits on Mark Gonzales' shoulders many many moons ago. Original photo by Thomas Campbell.


R.I.P. Kristian Bomholt

This is happening way too much lately... You'll be missed Kristian.


Plus 1 #10

The new issue of Plus 1 Mag is now out and about, awaiting your perusal. If you’re outside of the UK, or you just can’t find it, a PDF download is available here.


An exhibition

Some of my photos are being displayed as part of a group exhibition at the Nike SB pop up store within Slam City Skates, the opening is tomorrow night (Friday).
Here's some information.
If you want to come to the opening RSVP! See you there!


Shane Cross R.I.P.

Shane and Arto, Sheffield July '05.


I'm not going Cobrasnake, promise.

Last night seemed to be the night of a million parties. Things kicked off at the opening of the new WE store on Carnaby Street...
Sebsta et Swede
Not seen Toddla Tom in ages!
Niall Neeson
5050 Syd.
PWBC on good form.
Danielle and Cornelia.
Crew deep
Henry Clay.
Then off to Push to witness a PWBC mixing desk takeover.
Jensen and Lixo.
The Ill Will and Henry.
Nugget and Supergirl on the nightbus.
Eventually we ended up at The Macbeth in Hoxton, Jin was there!


Le Corbusier

The Barbican are hosting a great exhibition featuring the work of Swiss designer Le Corbusier. I wish I could show a bit more here but unfortunately I got hit with the usual "no photos" after shooting this. Anyway, go check it out!
Here's a couple of photos from when I visited Le Corbusier's 'Unité d'Habitation' in Marseille a while back.
If you're ever in Marseille be sure to get on the roof of this building, it's truly amazing.


O How I Enjoy The Light

Bonnie Prince Billy, Cecil Sharp House, October 2003.

I'm excited at the prospect of yet another new Bonnie Prince Billy LP; 'Beware' will be released on the 16th March. The Guardian recently featured an audio interview with Mr.Oldham, and you can listen here.


The Berrics have been hosting probably the longest and most watched competition in skateboarding history. Brit Benny Fairfax did us proud and made it to the the final, you can watch it here. Yeah Benny!