A New York Minute (aka two old photos)

Man with trolley (Brooklyn).
Nick Jensen (Clapham).


"But I don't wanna be like everybody else! That's why I'm a mod, see?"

Location scouting today...

Guess where.

Good to know.
I was not amused.


"Yeah mate, have you been down by the river? They all go down there, jumpin dahn the steps, going dahn the slopes..."

The face behind the words: Stuart Hammond is the man responsible for the PWBC book club page in Plus 1 Magazine, as well as writing for Dazed & Confused, and probably a bunch of other cool mags too. He also enjoys riding his skateboard beneath the Queen Elizabeth Hall.
Mark Channer sighting!



Went out shooting with Rob Mathieson the other day... What do we get for our trouble and pain? Well, we got giant puddles in the landing and yet more security guard hassle, London can be trying sometimes.
Here's Rob doing his switch Five-0 in the dryer climates of spain last winter... Anyone want to go on a trip?



Australia's Slam skate mag are holding a poll to determine their nation's best skateboarder. If Andrew Brophy were to win he'd be $5000 richer... Do what you gotta do.



Hanging out with these guys today, always fun, despite security guards trying to piss on our parade!

On the way home I saw this guy outside Vitra on Clerkenwell Road (apologies for the shitty iphone picture):
Vitra specialise in designer furniture reproductions (Eames etc), every year they have a sale. This guy MUST MUST MUST save a bit of money on a sofa and has made sure he's front of the queue. It's January in London, it's fucking freezing, the sale starts Saturday, today is Wednesday.



This is an outtake from the 'Waterproof Jackets' shoot I did for Plus 1 magazine. To see the rest of the shoot you can download the whole issue in PDF format here. The handsome chap above is Jamie Partridge, and when he's not getting water thrown on him in freezing conditions he can turn out amazing paintings such as this:


Slam's file

The charmingly labeled 'HAND BASTARD'. This thing has gripped the skateboards of London for a good while!

The Five Fields

Spent the day trying to shoot some stuff in the Pimlico area of London. Howard Cooke was out...
As well as Mr. Seth Curtis.
And this guy again
Room with a view.
The old Battersea power station is one of my favourite buildings in London, I was stoked to see it from a new angle.


Backstreet Symphony

I shot this sequence of Colin Kennedy for Thunder trucks a while back, and the ad has just come out on the back cover of Sidewalk mag. Backside 360 Nollie down a double set in Mallorca.


Patrick Melcher
came to visit London last summer. Whilst roaming the City, we stumbled upon a strange yellow pavilion outside St. Paul's, and for once we didn't get shouted at. Backside Lipslide.


Waterloo Bridge

Lucas and JJ, 2006.


Jake's Alley: S.K.A.T.E.

Slam City Skates are hosting a massive game of skate in Jake's Alley outside the shop. The first games took place yesterday, but this will run for many weeks to come. This is basically the London version of the game being played out on The Berrics right now, this means that the floor is bad, you've got about 6 foot of width to play with and a steady stream of pedestrians, should be great!

Vaughan and Toddy were first up.
Lev breaks it down.

I'm not gonna give away the results here just yet, but keep checking the Slam site and all will be revealed via video evidence!

An evening in Elephant & Castle

Neil Chester
Tom Rumcoke
Oliver Todd
Charlie Young


We were out skating in -3°c yesterday, which is fine when your moving around, but if you stop to take photographs it soon becomes no fun. Tom Knox, Sam Taylor and Jake Harris bravin it at London Bridge.