Late this summer Kingpin Mag organised a fun little roadtrip type contest called 'The Drive'. I was in the van with the Blueprint guys as we travelled from England to France, Belgium and Germany. Here's a few of the things we saw along the way:
Tom, Neil and Nick in Antwerp.
Le Havre.

Tom gets feeling the full force of the limited space in the van.
Le Havre.


Nick and Sylvain, Paris.

Smithy, Boardslide in the rain, Brussels.

Nick, Paris.
Cheers mate.

Sylvain, Le Havre.


Nick Jensen, Backside Smith, Paris.

Tom Knox, Backside flip, Paris.

Nick Jensen, Front board pop over, Paris.

Paris pizza van.

Smithy, switch noseblunt to switch


Shier, Wallie, Antwerp.
Sylvain, Sugarcane, Cologne.

Shier, Cologne.

Smithy, Ollie to fakie, somewhere between Brussels and Cologne.

Shier and Sylvain, on the ferry from Dover.

Jensen, Ollie up Backside flip, Le Havre.

Shier, Backside flip, Le Havre.

Jake Harris (Ollie) and Tom Knox (Pivot fakie), Le Havre.

The crew.

Finishing line party.



AW11 for Larke Clothing.

Tour Life

Danny Brady, John's house, Brussels 2011.


Foggy Notion

Javier Mendizabal, Scottish Border, 2011


Big Push 2011, with Converse UK

A selection of photos from this years Big Push:

A bunch of these were already on the Sidewalk Big Push blog (apologies if you've seen them before), and a load of them ran in print in Sidewalk mag, it just felt like they should live together in this post. You can see the team's edit here.